Et vous, pourquoi marchez-vous ?


Peter Denimal
Peter Denimal Peter Denimal
Peter Denimal

Peter Denimal

English teacher

My better half convinced me and found us boots and all. We trained and rested for the big day. Patrick took us all up and down and around. We looked at the way, for the way, after the way. We walked in the snow under the snow, it bit the eyes; we cleared the ice from the roof of the tent, it froze our hands. We collected and ate mushrooms, it melted on the tongue; we basked in the grass under the sun, it felt like paradise. We learnt so much that when it was supposed to be over, we went on with a will of our own as a matter of course. We have dreamt of greater heights since, which we may reach or not, while our first steps filled our lives with eternal beauty, and that is why we walk.

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