Avis clients sur le Yukon

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1 Avis clients sur le Yukon

Toutes les appréciations affichées ci-dessous proviennent uniquement de personnes qui ont voyagé avec nous. A leur retour, nos clients reçoivent un e-mail qui leur propose de faire part de leurs impressions. Bons ou mauvais, les avis sont publiés sur le site, à condition qu'ils respectent notre charte éditoriale et dès lors que nous avons un minimum de 5 avis par voyage ou 10 avis par pays.

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Avis de Serge sur le voyage
Yukon, l'appel du loup

Code : GRN008
Départ du 02/12/2011

I spent 9 days with Sky High, 8 days on dog sledge, including three days camping away from the lodge and one day on snow machine. Was a wonderful and memorable experience. The lodge is located close to a lake. From there, you see only the mountains and the snow. No wifi, cell phone or electricity (don't forget to load the batteries of you camera) The last day, we went in the mountain with the snow machines. At some point, we put them on the side, the guide picked a bag with bread and sausages. We lit a fire wood. We were surrounded by moutons covered with snow. That was magical. I'm still not sure I actually did it or I was just dreaming. Strongly recommend you try this as well.
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